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20+ Years Of Luxury Hospitality Expertise

Excellence with Proven Expertise

Our team boasts a remarkable record of over 3,000 global luxury assessments and 1,500+ days dedicated to specialized training.

Insightful, Comprehensive Approach

Blending luxury traveler's' expectations, operators' necessities, and cutting-edge industry trends, we offer a unique, holistic perspective that’s unparalleled.

In-Depth Luxury Knowledge

Our understanding of luxury is multifaceted, encompassing the perspectives of guests, operators, and seasoned consultants.

Training Opportunities

Elevate Your Service

Experience a transformation in your luxury service and hospitality offering through meticulous training. Our bespoke training is designed to refine every detail of your guest experience

Extended Feedback

Experience transformative service refinement with in-depth training sessions following your assessment.

Flagship UpFront Training

Our state-of-the-art training solution. Interactive, engaging and immersive. Designed to empower people to consistently deliver exceptional guest experiences.

LQA Champions Training

Have your very own in-house LQA Champions who train peers and uphold LQA standards long after Upfront Training is complete.

Pre-opening Training

Perfect your launch with our specialised pre-opening training, adding a crucial week of expert-led preparation that will set you apart.


Achieve excellence with our pacesetting curriculum

Module Content

Front Of House

These modules focus on the arrival, departure, concierge, and guest services experiences, perfecting the interactions delivered prior to and during the Guest’s stay.

Front Of House

Module Content

Food & Beverage

Covering a wide range of dining experiences. These modules are designed for all guest-facing employees working in a restaurant or in-room dining environment.

Food & Beverage

Module Content

House Keeping

A set of modules crafted to address the variety of ways Housekeeping service impacts the Guest’s experience during their stay.

House Keeping

Module Content


A wide look at the reservation process from beginning to end. The impactful session is designed for reservation agents.

Guest Reservations

Module Content


A vital session which reviews all details of a guest’s spa journey across a wide variety of treatments, services and guest experiences.

Module Content

Guest Care

Our guest care module encompasses the essentials of looking after demanding guests in a luxury hospitality environment by focusing on LQA’s 13 Emotional Intelligence fundamentals.

Guest Care

Module Content

Manage The Standards

Designed for leaders within an organisation. The modules focus on implementing the quality cycle, improving leadership performance, and turning data from the LQA assessments into tangible actions.

Luxury Hospitality Standards

Comprehensive Training

Engaging, Dynamic, and Inspiring

Dive into hands-on learning experiences, designed to captivate, challenge, and empower your hospitality team for excellence.

Role Plays

Dynamic role-playing scenarios

Through dynamic role-playing scenarios, participants actively engage in simulated challenges, enhancing their skillset in a vibrant, competitive environment. 

This engaging method improves skill development and effectively bridges the gap between theoretical learning and practical application.

Active Participation

Engage in dynamic scenarios that bring learning to life.

Drill Practical Application

Transform theoretical knowledge into practical skills.

Fun & Interactive

Energise learning with gamified elements.


Maximise comprehension and application

Our presentations are delivered by seasoned trainers in a classroom setting and are tailored to maximise comprehension and application.

Participants are encouraged to engage and interact in a collaborative learning process, resulting in a deeper understanding of the course material.

Trainer - Audience Interaction

Fostering engaging discussions and deeper understanding.

Breakout Sessions

Collaborative group activities, encouraging teamwork and problem-solving.

Showcase & Discussion

Teams present their solutions, receiving expert feedback for improvement.


Interactive and experiential

Our workshops offer an interactive and experiential learning environment. Participants engage in hands-on activities and group discussions, fostering the development and refinement of skills.

This format provides a supportive space for constructive feedback, enhancing learning outcomes.

Live Problem Solving

Tackling real-time challenges, fostering critical thinking and practical solutions.

Supportive Environment

Nurture confidence and participation in a welcoming, judgement-free setting.

Expert Guidance

Benefit from top-tier industry insights, enhancing learning with expert feedback.


Learn and apply new skills

Engaging and fun, our games encourage participants to learn and apply new skills through various challenges and rewards.

This interactive approach significantly enhances retention and encourages the practical application of skills in real-world scenarios.

Improved Retention

Gamified learning experiences that boost memory retention and understanding.

Enjoyable Experience

Fun, interactive games that transform training into an engaging, memorable event.

Drives Team Engagement

Inclusive activities that ensure full team involvement and active participation.


Trainers With Deep Luxury Experience

With 20+ years, LQA has become the preeminent provider of luxury hotel assessments around the world. All of our trainers are highly experienced, well-travelled and methodical luxury hospitality veterans.

Experienced Veterans

Benefit from years of expertise honed in elite hospitality settings.

Global Acumen

Gain global perspectives from trainers experienced in luxury. We train in 8 different languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Polish and Mandarin

Tailored Guidance

Receive real-time feedback from our Assessors, drawing on their world-class experience from a wide range of luxury environments.


“LQA Training has proved invaluable to deliver a comprehensive knowledge base of service standards and emotional intelligence required by the team.”


“The entire team benefitted from their knowledge and what we loved the most was that they inspired every single colleague, including the entire management team. We have fixed additional dates this year and will now book every year.”


“Our team eagerly anticipates the sessions that allow them to completely immerse themselves in true luxury and learn from former LQA Auditors with a solid background in Hotel Operations.”


“The wide variety of courses available align perfectly with our yearly departmental needs and adapt with each focus area leading to tailor made empowerment.”


“LQA assessment tests have been extremely valuable for our hotel. The feedback shared during the end of the visit has been constructive.”

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Frequently asked

Hotel staff at all levels, especially those in guest-facing roles and management, can benefit greatly from upfront training to refine their service skills.

Training sessions can vary in length, typically lasting from a single intensive day to a week, depending on the depth and scope of the training program.

Yes, training programs are often tailored to address the unique challenges and goals of each hotel, ensuring relevance and maximum impact.

Absolutely. These sessions not only enhance individual skills but also promote team cohesion and a unified approach to luxury service.

Participants can expect improved service skills, heightened guest satisfaction, and a deeper understanding of luxury hospitality standards and practices.