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Transform your hotel’s reputation and elevate guest satisfaction with our comprehensive assessments.

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In-Depth Assessment

Experience a thorough assessment of your hotel’s operations, focusing on quality and service.

Management Debrief

Gain valuable insights through a strategic debrief with our expert assessors.

Performance Report

Receive an actionable report offering a clear roadmap for continued improvement.

Optimise Performance, Maximise Impact

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Assessment For Independent Hotels

Elevate your hotel to new heights with our specialised assessments. We delve deep into every aspect of your hospitality, from guest interactions to operational efficiency. Pinpointing areas for growth, ensuring you stay ahead.

Gain a Deep Understanding of Your Hotel

Unlock a comprehensive blueprint of your hotel’s performance, laying the foundation for lasting transformative growth.

Access Industry Leading Standards

Step into a realm of excellence with LQA standards, aligning your operations with global luxury benchmarks for the first time.

Enhance Your Hotel's Operations

Transition from disorder to structure; reshape your hotel operations to meet and exceed luxury standards.

Improve Guest Satisfaction

Surpass guest expectations by delivering service that rivals the best, making every stay a memorable experience.

Compete With The Best

Level the playing field with industry leaders by adopting standards that place you at the forefront of luxury hospitality.

Increase Your Hotel's Commerciality

Boost your hotel’s appeal and profitability through operational efficiency, stellar guest reviews, and increased repeat business.

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Assessments for Groups

Our approach ensures consistent service quality and brand integrity across your entire portfolio. Benefit from streamlined operations and enhanced guest experiences, maintaining your position as a leader in luxury hospitality.

Maintain Standards at Scale

Effortlessly uphold consistent high standards across all properties, ensuring uniform quality regardless of scale or location.

Improve Team Member Onboarding

Streamline the onboarding process with efficient training, integrating new staff seamlessly into your hotel's service culture.

Uniform Guest Service Excellence

Guarantee a consistently outstanding guest experience across your hotel group, setting a high standard of service excellence.

Assure Your Brand's Reputation

Solidify your brand's standing in the market by consistently delivering on luxury and quality service promises.

Monitor Hotel Performance Remotely

Easily oversee and assess the performance of each hotel remotely, ensuring operational excellence and guest satisfaction.

Quantify Managerial Performance

Evaluate managerial effectiveness across your hotel group, driving accountability and continuous improvement.

luxury standards

Over 1,000 Luxury Standards Plus Detailed Emotional Impact Feedback

Front Of House

Covers 179 standards, including reservations, check-in/out, and concierge services.

Food & Beverage

379 standards, ensuring culinary brilliance and service, from menu creation to dining ambience.


117 standards focus on meticulous cleanliness and attention to detail for a comfortable, hygienic stay.


109 standards assess the overall quality and presentation of hotel amenities and facilities

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Spa & Fitness

53 standards dedicated to guest wellness, spa and fitness facilities, and overall health-focused services.


32 standards ensure guests enjoy efficient, comfortable, and safe transportation services.


49 standards to elevate the golfing experience, focusing on course quality, amenities, and guest services.


A further set of standards encompassing an even broader range of the guest experience.


Up to 238 standards assessing the quality of how guests are catered to by staff.


Up to 180 standards covering the physical environment (like wall surfaces, cleanliness of windows)

Emotional Intelligence

Up to 272 standards assessing staff’s ability to personalize interactions and display empathy in service.


Up to 69 standards assessed include ensuring furniture is stain-free and tv controls are clean and functional.

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Up to 151 standards evaluated for service attentiveness, including efficient service aspects.

Food Quality

Up to 54 standards reviewed for culinary excellence – presentation and adherence to menu descriptions.

Sales opportunity

Up to 25 standards focused on beneficial guest offerings. encompassing proactive service actions.


Up to 62 standards dedicated to eco-friendly practice evaluating efforts in sustainability.

Extremely Dissatisfied

Emotional Descriptors: Neglected, Stressed, Frustrated, Overlooked


Emotional Descriptors: Disinterested, Disconnected, Disappointed


Emotional Descriptors: Respected, Understood, Content

Positively Engaged

Emotional Descriptors: Delighted, Appreciated, Valued

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Completely Engaged

Emotional Descriptors: Pampered, Special, Indulged

Our Expert Assessors

Assessors With Deep Luxury Experience

Our team of assessors bring a wealth of experience from the global luxury hospitality sector, ensuring a thorough, nuanced and comprehensive evaluation of your hotel.

Global Expertise, Local Insight

Our assesors bring an unmatched blend of global luxury standards and local market insights, ensuring your hotel's unique character and context are thoroughly understood and respected.

Management-Level Experience

Each of our assessors boasts significant management experience in luxury hotels, equipping them with the practical knowledge and perspective needed to offer relevant and impactful guidance.

All-Encompassing Luxury Perspective

Our assessors view your hotel through a lens of holistic luxury, considering every detail from guest experiences to operational efficiency, ensuring a comprehensive approach to service excellence.

Report Features

Your Digital Assessment Report


Access a powerful, top-level summary with our dashboard. Designed for busy general managers. From emotional intelligence scores to competitive benchmarks, it distils over a thousand standards into an easy-to-navigate, quick-glance overview.

Snapshot of Excellence

Quickly view your hotel's overall performance, emotional intelligence scores, and overall competitive standing.

Departmental Benchmarking

Assess each department's performance with colour-coded ratings, simplifying decisions on where to focus efforts.

Opportunities for Improvement

Identify key areas for growth with top missed standards and track progress with trend analysis over time.

LQA Assessment Daahboard

Performance Classification

Step into the essence of your guest experience with our Performance Criteria feature. 

This view is designed to breakdown every aspect of your service, offering a comprehensive view of how your hotel performs across varied dimensions of guest interaction.

Guest Experience Decoded

Delve into diverse aspects like service efficiency, staff interaction, and cleanliness for a complete guest experience analysis.

Benchmark Against the Best

Compare your performance in key criteria with competitors, identifying areas of excellence and those needing attention.

Targeted Insights

Pinpoint specific departments and divisions where your guest experience shines or requires improvement, empowering targeted enhancements.

LQA Performance Classifications

Departments Overview

Gain a bird’s eye view of how each division and department is excelling or needs attention with a comprehensive snapshot of your hotel’s performance. 

This view not only provides a summary of standards but also compares changes from your last assessment, highlighting areas of improvement and concern.

Instant Snapshot

Quickly assess how each department performs in both standards and emotional intelligence, giving you a complete overview.

Performance Tracking

See your progress since the last assessment, identifying trends and shifts in various departments.

Pinpoint Focus Areas

Easily identify which areas require immediate attention and which are excelling, guiding strategic decision-making.

LQA Departments Overview

Standards Deepdive

Discover the intricacies of your hotel’s service with our Standards Deepdive, the ultimate tool for detailed analysis and focused improvement. 

This feature is the cornerstone of our comprehensive assessment to pinpoint exact areas for enhancement.

Pinpoint Precision

Explore each standard's performance with detailed breakdowns, showing met, unmet, and non-applicable standards for specific areas like porter arrival.

Contextual Insights

Gain a complete understanding through written feedback, emotional intelligence scores, and specific comments, revealing the why behind each score.

Actionable Clarity

Use this granular data to identify exactly which aspects need improvement, removing any guesswork from elevating your guest experience.

LQA Standards Deep-Dive

Emotional Engagement

Discover the emotional impact of your interactions to learn how to connect deeply with guests, creating memorable luxury experiences that resonate long after their stay.

Understanding Guest Perceptions

Gain insights into how guest perceptions are shaped, from first impressions to lasting memories. Our approach reveals the subtleties that make a significant impact.

Personalising Guest Interactions

Learn the art of personalising interactions to forge stronger connections. We focus on strategies that transform standard service into personalised guest experiences.

Nuanced Guest Communication

Master the skill of nuanced communication, enhancing guest satisfaction by understanding and addressing their unique preferences and needs.

LQA Report Emotional Intelligence

Comprehensive Write-ups

Our detailed reports provide in-depth insights into every aspect of your hotel’s operations. 

These comprehensive analyses are designed to guide strategic improvements and elevate your hospitality services.

Thorough Analysis of Guest Experience

Receive a complete overview of your guest experience, covering every touchpoint. Our reports offer actionable insights to refine and enhance guest interactions

Diverse Perspectives, Unified Understanding

Benefit from an integrated view that combines diverse perspectives, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of your hotel's operational dynamics.

Strategic Recommendations for Improvement

Our reports go beyond observations, offering strategic recommendations for tangible improvements. Elevate your service delivery with targeted, actionable guidance.

LQA Assessment Comprehensive Write-ups

Audio Playback

Delve into the nuances of guest services with our Audio Playback – hear real-time guest interactions, like reservation calls, to gain deeper insights and understand the subtleties of verbal communication.

In-Depth Interaction Analysis

Engage with actual audio recordings to fully grasp guest interactions and service nuances.

Quality Assurance through Audio

Evaluate the authenticity of guest service through real conversations, verifying the fidelity of our assessments.

Clarify and Resolve Issues

Utilise audio recordings as concrete evidence to address any discrepancies or misunderstandings, ensuring clarity and confidence in feedback processes.

LQA Assessment Audio Playback

Visual Media

Elevated assessment accuracy with our Visual Media Feedback. This feature provides photographic evidence of service touchpoints, from room conditions to presentation standards, offering a visual context to written reports.

Realistic Visual Insights

Access photographic evidence for a tangible, visual understanding of service execution and environment quality.

Validate Service Standards Visually

Review real-time images to check the quality and accuracy of service and environmental assessments.

Enhance Transparency and Understanding

Use photographic documentation to clear up discrepancies or misunderstandings, providing a visual aid that supports transparent and trustworthy feedback.

LQA Assessment Report Visual Media

Assessment Benefits

360 Degree Insights

A Clear View of Your
Performance Trends

Our comprehensive assessment process assures not just an evaluation, but a complete foundation towards unparalleled excellence.

In-Depth Performance Analysis

Gain a holistic understanding of your hotel's performance trends. Our in-depth analysis covers every facet of operations, providing a comprehensive view that informs strategic decision-making.

Trend Identification and Adaptation

Stay ahead with our detailed trend analyses. Understand emerging patterns in guest preferences and operational efficiencies, allowing timely adaptations to maintain excellence.

LQA Assessment Performance Trends Dashboard

Unparalleled Competitive Benchmarking

Elevate your hospitality standards by benchmarking against the industry’s elite. Our unique approach helps you gain a significant competitive advantage.

Industry-Leading Benchmarks

Access industry-leading benchmarks that set the standard for luxury hospitality. Compare your services with the best, identifying areas of excellence and opportunities for growth.

Continuous Improvement and Innovation

Stay at the forefront of hospitality excellence. Our benchmarking process encourages continuous improvement, keeping your services aligned with the highest industry standards.

LQA Assessment Competitive Benchmarking Dashboard

Improvement Opportunities

Designed to pinpoint key areas for substantial growth, this innovative simulator identifies the most impactful standards your hotel consistently misses, presenting a clear path for effective improvement. 

Strategic Focus

Concentrate on high-leverage standards for the most effective improvements.

Tailored Improvement Plans

Receive custom recommendations based on your hotel's unique assessment data.

LQA Improvement Opportunities Dashboard

Effective Change Management

Elevate your hotel’s performance with LQA’s robust management tools – Action Plans and Self-Assessments. 

Our integrated system offers a seamless approach to enacting positive change, honing your team’s guest servicing skills, and ensuring continuous quality improvement throughout.

Self-Assessments for Constant Improvement

Conduct regular mini-audits using LQA standards to keep your team's skills sharp and spot improvement opportunities.

Action Plans for Targeted Solutions

Create specific, actionable plans to address identified problem areas, from training needs to strategic hiring or purchasing.

How To Get Started

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Start your journey to excellence by selecting the assessment that best aligns with your needs.
Confirm Your Commitment
Reserve your participation in our program with a nominal deposit (if an independent), affirming your dedication to excellence.
Setup & Management
Receive our comprehensive support throughout the setup process, guaranteeing a smooth and streamlined transition.

Embark on an exceptional journey to transform your hospitality services with our expert team. Limited spots for 2024 are filling fast! 

Our comprehensive approach meticulously assesses every facet of the guest experience, empowering your hotel to reach the peak of guest satisfaction.

Seize this opportunity to join the elite in luxury hospitality. Secure your spot today and set a new standard in guest service excellence!

Frequently asked questions

LQA Assessments are comprehensive evaluations of your hotel’s service and operational standards, providing detailed insights for luxury hospitality improvement.

The duration varies based on your hotel’s size and specific needs, typically ranging from 1 night to 3 nights.

The value of LQA Assessments are their authentic reflection of the guest experience. For this reason all of our assessments are conducted under the guise of a regular guest and without any staff knowing who the assessor is. 

Assessments evaluate a wide range of areas including guest service, cleanliness, food quality, and overall operational efficiency.

Frequency depends on your goals, but a minimum of 2 assessments annually are recommended to ensure continuous improvement and standard adherence.

Assessments are conducted by experienced LQA consultants with extensive backgrounds in luxury hospitality management and service excellence.

Post-assessment, you receive a detailed report with actionable insights and recommendations, along with a debrief from our expert assessors.