Transform Your Individual Hotel into a Beacon of Luxury with LQA

Our partnership offers an all-encompassing suite of services designed to integrate your hotel into the realm of the elite quickly. Embrace the journey with LQA and transform your hotel into a beacon of luxury hospitality.

Navigating Towards Excellence

LQA, with over 20 years of pioneering partnerships, elevates individual hotels to the forefront of luxury. 

Our comprehensive suite of services is tailored to fast-track your hotel’s journey to the absolute top, ensuring seamless integration into the elite circle of world-class hospitality. 

Embrace the transformative power of LQA and redefine luxury at your hotel!

Independent Hotels, Texas
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Mary Scott
- Founder & CEO
Independent Hotels, Texas
“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur. Quis facilisi aenean molestie at mauris...”
Mary Scott
Founder & CEO

Benefits of Partnering with LQA

Your Ideal Partner in Luxury Excellence

Expertise That Transforms

Leveraging over 20 years of global experience through a vast assessor network, we transform your hotel into a distinguished luxury destination, elevating the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Customised Excellence

Every independent hotel has its own story and challenges. We offer bespoke solutions, from detailed operational assessments to specific staff training, ensuring your hotel becomes the very best!

Access to an Elite Club

Partner with myLQA to unlock a world of exclusive luxury standards, setting your hotel apart in the competitive luxury hospitality industry and gaining what's known as 'the LQA edge.'

Knowledge Empowerment

Our approach transcends basic compliance, empowering your staff and management with global-level insights and skills, transforming them into knowledge powerhouses for exceptional service delivery.

Integrated Services

The LQA ecosystem synergistically blends assessments, training, and mobile technology, enhancing every operation aspect of your hotel to ensure unparalleled guest and staff excellence.

Commitment to Growth

Dedicated to your hotel's ongoing elevation, we provide sustained support and insights. We ensure your journey to luxury service excellence is continuous, as with LQA, your success is our success.

Visible and Tangible Results

Experience noticeable improvements in overall guest satisfaction, operational efficiency, and market standing, helping you join the ranks of top-performing hotels.

Leverage our 20+ years of experience and extensive global network of assessors.

We bring world-class standards and best practices to your doorstep, helping you turn your hotel into a beacon of luxury.
Expertise That Transforms
Unlike large chains, every independent hotel has its own story and set of challenges.

We offer tailored solutions, from operational assessments to staff training, all designed to meet your specific needs.
Tailored Solutions
Gain access to an exclusive realm of luxury standards. We open doors to elite practices and benchmarks, setting you apart by giving you what some refer to as 'the unfair LQA advantage.'
Access to an Elite Club
Our assessments and training programs are more than compliance tools.

They are knowledge powerhouses, empowering your management and staff with the insights and skills to excel and compete at a global level.
Knowledge Empowerment
Our integrated suite of services, encompassing assessments, training, and the myLQA mobile platform, works in synergy to enhance every aspect of your hotel’s operations, from guest experience to staff performance.
Comprehensive Ecosystem
Providing ongoing support and insights, we ensure that your hotel does not only reach but maintain its newfound heights of luxury service through our partnership.

Your Success is Our Success!
Commitment to Growth
With myLQA, the transformation of your hotel isn’t just a promise; it’s a visible reality.

Witness tangible improvements in guest satisfaction, operational efficiency, and market standing like many leading hotels already have.
Visible and Tangible Results

We Can Help

Common Challenges Individual Hoteliers Face

Common Problem for Individual hotels

Accessing World Class Knowledge


Leveraging assessments and a robust client portal, we offer comprehensive standards breakdowns and easy PDF access. Our Upfront Training immerses teams in best practices for luxury service.

Common Problem for individual hotels

Attracting Talent


We open doors to career growth by providing access to world-class standards. The myLQA app supports career advancement with self-paced training and showcases achievements through myLQA membership.

Common Problem for Individual hotels

Training & Culture


Our standards management tools, including self-assessments and Action Plans, foster a culture of continuous self-improvement. The myLQA app integrates high standards into daily routines, and our Upfront Training connects teams with luxury service experts worldwide.

Common Problem for independent hotels

Hotel Reputation


Our partnership elevates guest experiences, enhancing your hotel’s reputation. This leads to more repeat bookings, positive reviews, and referrals, crafting a solid and superior brand image.

Common Problem for Individual hotels

Staying Competitive


By mirroring the service quality of the world’s best hotels, we help you attract guests and improve Average Daily Rates, securing a competitive edge in both local and regional markets.

Elevating Your Hotel's Success Journey

Guest Service Assessments

Unlocking Potential, Enhancing Performance

Revitalise your hotel’s growth with our bespoke assessments. 

These evaluations offer a comprehensive blueprint of your hotel’s performance, paving the way for transformative change and sustainable growth.

Upfront Training

Propel Your Team to World-Class Standards

Our training program is designed to fast-track your team’s journey to luxury hospitality excellence.

It’s a direct line to world-class standards and practices, transforming good staff into exceptional service providers.


Empower Your Team’s Capabilities​

Introducing your luxury hospitality ‘Swiss army knife’ to empower your team and keep standards high

How To Get Started

Select Your Services
Begin by choosing from a range of services that best suit your hotel's needs. Our diverse offerings ensure a custom-fit approach to enhance your hospitality standards.
Secure With A Deposit
Solidify your commitment to excellence. Secure your journey with a deposit, marking the first step towards elevating your hotel’s service and operational standards.
Onboarding & Delivery
If you are a new client, our team will ensure you are fully prepared for the delivery of our services. We will work with you to elevate your hotel and deliver a world class luxury guest experience.

Embark on a journey to elevate your hotel’s service quality with our suite of tailored solutions, designed to integrate seamlessly with your hotel’s unique dynamics.

Our approach focuses on providing practical, actionable insights, setting new benchmarks in luxury hospitality and transforming your operations and guest experiences.

Ready to level up?

Your Gateway to World-Class Excellence Awaits

Begin your journey to redefine your luxury and service standards today. Make your deposit now to unlock immediate access to our suite of services. Your investment today is the first step in a transformative journey for your hotel.