About LQA Group

The Premier Partner for World-Class Hospitality, Elevating Service Standards Globally.

LQA stands as the global leader and preferred partner for luxury hospitality brands worldwide. Our mission is to deliver the ultimate in guest service experiences.

For over two decades, LQA has been a pillar in upholding and advancing the industry’s standards. We empower hotels to reach these benchmarks through comprehensive service assessments, immersive training, and the latest technological innovations.

Our rigorous service assessments and upfront training are led by our team of dedicated full-time consultants. Each brings a wealth of experience, having managed luxury hotels for a minimum of five years. Their methodical approach is honed through LQA’s stringent recruitment process, ensuring they bring our clients the highest level of expertise.

At LQA, diversity and global perspective are our core strengths, reflected in our multinational team representing 15 different nationalities. Each consultant spends over 110 nights a year in luxury properties, gaining invaluable firsthand experience. This depth of exposure is reflected in their long tenures, averaging eight years with us.

The combined experience of our consultants, enriched by their international assignments and familiarity with leading luxury hotel brands, makes them an indispensable asset to our clients. They bring a unique blend of insights and strategies tailored to elevate each client’s unique luxury hospitality experience.

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What We Do

Pioneering Luxury Hospitality Excellence

At LQA, we revolutionise luxury hospitality through comprehensive assessments, immersive training, and innovative technology, setting global standards for exceptional guest experiences.


Transform your hotel's performance with LQA's comprehensive assessments, tailored to identify and enhance every aspect of guest experience and operational efficiency.

UpFront Training

Elevate your team with immersive training from UpFront by LQA, instilling world-class luxury service skills to create memorable guest experiences.


Harness the power of technology with myLQA, offering real-time insights and tools to consistently deliver exceptional luxury service.

Our Leadership Team

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